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Scrap and forestry cranes
Recycling cranes

L75K forestry & recyling crane

Non folding crane with lifting power of 75 kNm, and 7,6 m outreach. The "K range" is a versatile family of cranes desgined for both loading short and long timber and also waste materials (so recycling use crane and forestry use crane). They are very powerful and strong cranes that remain parked longitudinally on the load. They include a power link between the main and secondary boom that gives an increase of the lifting power with the boom in the horizontal position. This cranes can be mounted on a truck o stationary in a recylcing plant. The L75K belongs to the OPTILINE range which incorporates as standard: clamp + rotator, double rotation zipper, ergonomic seat in the column, 2 led reflectors in the secondary arm, cast steel basement, ergonomic controls: 2 lateral levers in cross and 2 pedals and hose cylinders protected. Download attached brochure for further information.  Request info about crane accessories such as: log grapples for logs,  polyp grabs, clumshell buckets, and options like column seats, cabins, etc.



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