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Knuckle boom cranes
Heavy duty (35-200 tm)

Fassi crane F545RA.2.26 (new)

For sale Fassi crane F545RA.2.26 xe-dynamic with double linkage system, equipped with six hydraulic extensions which offers an outreach of 25.90 m (with jib), and payload of 940 kg at the end of boom.. The crane has continuous rotation, 2 ton winch, Scanreco V7, 8 function radio remote control, PROLINK system (which allows to increase the working angle on the horizontal line in 10-15º), D900 distributor and flow sharing device (FS), XP device (extra power reserve), ADC device (automatic dynamic control), XF (extra fast) device, variable flow valve, carbon look carter and display in basement. This crane includes a set of extra extensible hydraulic stabilizers to 7.790 mm., automatic crane folding (ACF) and automatic winch control AWC (on crane and jib). Available in immediate delivery, manufactured in 2019, new crane. See data sheet and load diagram for further information of the crane. 

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