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Crawler cranes

SPX 424 Jekko minicrane

Also called spider minicrane: with 360º rotation, available in diesel and battery version version. This is the biggest version available in single door range. It has the following features:


  • Eco model also available: Standard or lithium batteries.

  • 2.400 Kg. lifting capacity
  • Outreach: 11,9 m.
  • Height:15 m.
  • Intelligent electronic limiter and stability control included, with a graphical display that displays the information in a very visual and clear way.
  • Three jibs available as an optional: 800 Kg articulated jib, 800 Kg mechanical jib and 800 Kg. searcher hook.
  • 70° slewing winch in two different positions to reduce the tail radius.
  • Rotation: 360º continuous.

We highlight two very interesting features of Jekko minicnranes that can make you more competitive in the performance of your work:


  • Horizontally extendable tracks (optional): stabilizers can be extended laterally to gain stability, while keeping it narrow to go through standard doors. The extension is hydraulic. The crane can work in two versions: with closed and open stabilizers, and, finally: possibility to open the stabilizers on one side as well. Depending on the chosen option the work outreach will be more or less long
  • Independent rotation of the turret of the crane with respect to the chassis, which makes the whole assembly super maneuverable, quick to move and to place in the workstation, remaining in super compact dimensions. (In the video you can see this application).

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