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Knuckle boom cranes
Light range (0,5-11,5 tm)

F95A Fassi knuckle boom crane

F95A active Fassi crane with 9,20 tm lifting capacity, 16,55 m maximum outreach with jib. Crane with FX500 Fassi electronic control, Hydrocontrol HCD4 distributor bank. 390º rotation with rack and pinion system. active version (.0): without linkage.


With a lifting power of 9,20 tm., 16,55 m hydraulic outreach and 390º rotation with rack and pinion system, this loader crane features the FX500 control unit and is available in the following versions:

  • F95A.0 active: standard crane with grúa standard with Hydrocontrol monobloc distributor bank.
  • F95A.0 e-active: crane with D850 hydraulic distributor with flow sharing device (FS) and RCH/RCS radio remote control.


Watch the performance of the following devices:


 FS device   youtube   RCH/RCS radio remote control   youtube 


Download brochure for further detailed information and all crane configurations available. To learn about the technology included as standard or optional (depending on version chosen) that the crane might include, click on the icones "standard" and "optional" you will find here below.

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